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ESD plastic precision tweezers set VARIO 5 pcs


incl. VAT plus shipping costs

Only a few items available


Content: see parts list

incl. dissipative tool holder 10^5 ohm

for setting up or hanging (wall mounting Ø 6 mm)

8 slots Ø 9 mm, 140 mm width for hanging tools

TWEEZERS made of dissipative glass fibre reinforced plastic material 10^5 ohm

resistant to acids, usable up to 175°C

different shapes: pointed, wide, bent

surface matt and smooth

measures 150 x 180 x 75 mm

weight 390 g

ESD tweezers permanently antistatic, electrically conductive made of glass fiber reinforced plastic material (Vestamid), anti-magnetic, resistant to acids, very heat resistant up to 175° C, free of silicone and Armin. For working in clean rooms or on technical equipment, sensors, lithography machines, mirrors and optics of laser equipment or in general machine and apparatus construction. In order to optimally hold components with constant pressure, these tweezers ensure an exactly coordinated tip closure. The practical tool holder VARIO tronics is made of sturdy 1.5 mm sheet steel and is provided with a high-quality, dissipative black powder coating. In addition to pliers and tweezers, our handy screwdrivers or round objects with a maximum diameter of 9 mm can also be stored. The recess in the lower area allows the blades or tips of the tools to be quickly identified and selected. The locking aid at the rear edge additionally helps to hold each tool in position. Small noses on the upper edge of the suspension rail prevent pliers or tweezers from slipping down. The tool holder can be set up as well as hung. Two holes on the back allow easy mounting on the wall.

Material PA12 Vestamid L-series (cleanroom compatible). Properties: water repellent, exceptional impact strength and notched impact strength even well below freezing point, good to very good resistance to greases, oils, fuels, hydraulic fluids, many solvents as well as salt solutions and other chemicals, excellent stress cracking resistance, excellent abrasion resistance, low coefficient of sliding friction when dry compared to steel, polybutylene terephthalate, polyacetal, noise and vibration damping properties. Tool stand VARIO tronics made of 1.5 mm sturdy sheet steel, with black ESD powder coating, conductive 10^5 to 10^9 Ohm.
ESD plastic tweezers set VARIO consists of: 5-090-0 ESD tool holder VARIO 8 slots;5-191 ESD plastic tweezers 120 mm form 2a tips 2 mm wide;5-192 ESD plastic tweezers 120 mm form F tips 3 mm wide;5-193 ESD plastic tweezers 120 mm form 35 tips 6 mm wide;5-194 ESD plastic tweezers 120 mm form 6;5-195 ESD plastic tweezers 120 mm form BB fine tips

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